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Teledyne Geophysical Instruments designs and manufactures high-quality, reliable, and durable marine seismic exploration products.

About Us

Teledyne Geophysical Instruments has earned a strong reputation in the industry for delivering high-quality marine seismic exploration products. Our products are used aboard more than one-third of all commercial seismic research vessels.

Mapping the Ocean
We design and manufacture sensor and sensor arrays for subsurface geological structure mapping to -- identify features likely to contain hydrocarbon deposits; listen for the “signatures” associated with ships and submarines; survey below the ocean floor to facilitate pipe laying or structure placement; and conduct research associated with marine environment.

What We Do
- Marine exploration hydrophones for oil and gas exploration
- High frequency hydrophones for defense
- Spherical hydrophones for research applications
- Towed arrays for geophysical prospecting, survey, research and defense
- Streamer cables
- Cable repair

Teledyne Geophysical Instruments is a
proud member of Teledyne Marine.